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PUST, which employs a substantial number of foreign staff, issued a statement saying, "We understand that this detention is related to an investigation into matters that are not connected in any way with the work of PUST." Speaking to the VOA Korean Service on Sunday, Kim Mi Ok said her husband was arrested as he tried to return to the couple's home in Dandong, China. citizens is one of the department's highest priorities," and it will work with the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang, which represents American interests in North Korea, to try to secure the freedom of the four detained Americans.She said PUST told her over the phone that Kim had boarded a train in Pyongyang. "I went to greet him at the Dandong station, and I waited until the last person to get off the train, but he was nowhere to be seen," said Kim's wife, who is one of some 2 million ethnic Koreans born in China. On Monday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Washington will work through the Swedish Embassy in North Korea to free the Americans. Tony Kim — or Kim Sang Dok — also a PUST staffer, was arrested on April 22 at an airport in Pyongyang on charges of "hostile acts" toward the regime.Mr Valle, 28, is charged with plotting online to kidnap, rape, kill and cannibalise scores of women, including his wife.The couple met on a dating website and were married last year, soon after the birth of their daughter."Because the puppy was left alone to [sic] long she passed away.I don't know how to tell [my wife] that it's too much," he wrote."My wife fought back so that her daughter could live. And can't see or hold her baby until she recovers," he wrote.On the day of the attack Mrs Poole posted on her own Facebook page: "One week from today." The family had recently bought a new puppy but in the chaos following the attack the baby dog appears to have died because it was not tended to.

An agricultural expert, Kim wanted to help North Korea alleviate food insecurity by supplying new agricultural technology, his wife told VOA.

The wife of the former New York police officer known as the “Cannibal Cop” has told a court how she learned her husband was planning to kill and eat her.

The trial of Gilberto Valle opened on Monday in Manhattan with the testimony of his estranged spouse, 27-year-old school teacher Kathleen Mangan-Valle.

At first, Mrs Mangan-Valle told the court, the relationship was full of “fun, laughter”, but then “weird stuff” started happening.

Mr Valle, she said, would stay up until 5am surfing the internet.

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