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I and my family will go to a third country, but I do not know when I can go.As for me, I do not want to go, but I have to go to take care of my family, because most of my and my wife’s relatives are already in third countries.People want to find partners who take their health seriously.Self-broadcasting We are going to see a rise in the self-broadcasting culture in relationships.

And, if you’re both into living a healthy lifestyle, hitting the gym for a workout can actually be a really cool date night idea.

More couples will be talking about their romantic moments on social media platforms to make their connection deeper.

The hibernation relationship Ideally known as the winter relationship, the romance fizzles by the time spring comes.

This post is also available in: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian“As for me, I do not know and understand much about politics. If we could know that the future of Burma would get better, most of us would want to go there and stay.” Place: Hti Kaw Leh Village, Shan Daw Township, Karenni State, Burma Date: Interview by Shar Reh Translation by Theingi Win I have been living here in the refugee camp in Thailand for more than twenty years. When we came to Thailand we had to pass through the jungle.

Because of the fighting [between the Burmese military and the Karenni soldiers], we could not work and move freely [when I was still in Karenni State]. When we heard the announcement that said, “You all can not live in this village anymore, you have to move,” we started fleeing to Thailand with some guides who knew the way to go. I don’t feel the anxiety and the worries that the Burmese oppression used to cause anymore. But on the other hand there is one thing that I am concerned about: When we take a shelter [in a refugee camp] in a another country, we don’t have the chance to go leave [the camp]. For the future, some people would like to go back to their homeland if the situation got better, while my family and I are hoping to get the opportunity to resettle to a third country.

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