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"We put in the dildo—that's the scientific word—into my pants and they were like, 'That's insane! "She trims down the ends so it was all boxy kind of like Picasso and then they ended up cutting the middle out and putting it on the end of the another dildo."Brie cracked, "To retain that nice mushroom tip."And we'll leave you with that.

' And I was like, 'Yeah, it looks pretty comical.' So then the prop lady was like, 'Give it to me!

Mercy Laredo is a human bounty hunter played by Jenny Wade. Mercy dated Sparks Nevada while they were both in the USSA Academy, until Sparks broke up with her via mail sometime after their graduation. Mercy also shamed Sparks' father, Captain Caiphas Nevada into giving Sparks his Robot Fists weapon as a graduation present.

Mercy now has a personal vendetta against all robots because of Dustin's death.

We do not know at what point during this history Jupiterian Ginny replaced actual human Virginia West but it was apparently before she ever met Sparks Nevada.

She was invited to a dinner party by Harriet and Mordecai (The Barkeep), which was mostly a celebration for The Red Plains Rider completing her martian maturation ritual, but also was a blind date setup for Ginny and Sparks Nevada.

Mercy then took Sparks to the Bounty Hunter's guild to get his bounty hunter's license in Mutiny on the Bounty Hunter.

It is primal and based on our innate need for sexual connection and release.Despite thinking Sparks' nose is dumb, she liked his ears and his sense of humor, and agreed to see Sparks again. On her way to meet Sparks for their first date, Ginny is stopped by bounty hunter Mercy Laredo.A dissatisfied customer had taken a bounty out on Ginny's head, and when Mercy saw that Ginny was currently dating Sparks, she chose to attempt to exact revenge on Sparks again, as well. News exclusively reported, the star popped the question after about three years of dating with an Irene Neuwirth-designed rose gold diamond ring."He's a sweetheart—and very handsome," Brie said.The movie follows a young woman (Dakota Johnson) who breaks up with her longtime boyfriend so she can find herself and experience being single. Brie plays a woman intent on meeting a husband through online dating.

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