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Osawa received award for his performance in JIN and Ayase received the newcomer award. Waaa~~ omedetouuu~~~ (Besides Osawa, Amami Yuki and Kagawa Teruyuki also received the Hashida award.)According to this article: they were sitting next to each other during the photoshoot, but their agencies wouldn't let them to be interviewed together during the standing-press-interview. Their rumor was not really reported much, but their agency didn't let them to be interviewed together, then there must be something between them?

Also, after Matsujun’s anan shoot, Arashi had a wildly successful year, and the fangirl part of me is hoping that the same will happen with NEWS. A record of me when i’m 22 (heart) This is really shocking… I was looking for Pi’s old dramas on ebay & I was stunned when the magazine showed Pi making out w/ a foreign girl. Then of course when I read other opinions on common blogs, It dawn to me that maybe this isn’t bad as it appears to be.

' and also saw him affectionately brushing her hair to whisper in her ear." (Same customer)After that, they headed to the building where the ' Ebizo incident' took place for more drinking.

On their way there, at a red traffic light, Yamapi and the girl snuggled up to each other.

But their pairing in 5 ji kara 9 ji made was chock full of chemistry not to mention the best rom-com out of Japan in years.

The report has Yamapi taking the last train of the night from a I don’t expect confirmation of yay or nay on these kind of Japanese media reports, but taken even with a grain of salts sounds very plausible in this particular case.

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