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When informing the company of my distrust for the company and indeed it is my belief there were few eligible men or profiles in their agency, I was told my height was an issue, at 5ft10 and it was odd I had not made any matches it met with anyone. The lady in question was rude in her tone across all emails, very unprofessional and I believe has since let the interviewer whom I first spoke with go, as she was not mentioned once since joining.

Directly beneath this, the date on which the letter was written: 15th May 2008 In the UK, the day comes before the month, and it is fine to put “st”, “nd” or “th” after the day’s date, eg. You can position the date on the right or on the left of your letter.

, and am please to report have seen successful marriages between those I have introduce to each other.

You from your country, and me with my female clientele wishing and hoping for a happy relationship – and yes, marriage.

According to Edinburgh matchmaker Margot Medhurst, whose dating agency Yours Sincerely has around 650 single people from across Central Scotland on its books, first dates are a minefield to be crossed with caution."I always suggest that people should keep their first date fairly short, over a glass of wine, a coffee or a weekend lunch, because it's a lot to ask of someone to spend a whole evening together trying to keep a conversation going.

An hour or two is long enough.""Then he tried the double bluff and said, OK, if there's anyone there, come out.

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    I'm into the usual hobbies including football, movies and eating out (not in that order! Not looking for anything too serious at first until I know someone ...43, male, Brentwood, Essexlooking for quality dating in London or Essex. I live in Towie town Brentwood which quite frankly is a bit depressing.

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    click to view larger C/O Sample This general one can be used in all the countries of the world.