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Losing her sight also gave Mina a "second sight" with the ability to see into the past and track half-life activities.

Mina's past is not only linked with vampires, Mina's ancestors are the founders and creators of the Stacks.

Dolly Thatcham is about to get married..at least she thinks so.

Family and friends are showing up on the big day, cheerfully expectant that the big event will take place as planned.

Starting out with small gigs on various television series like “Matlock, “Who’s the Boss” and “ Melrose Place ,” Jeri was finally offered a role on the NBC sci-fi series “Dark Skies,” but only lasted through the end of the show’s first and only season.

She continued to act in small independent features that you probably couldn’t find on tape at a video store, but joined the cast of “Star Trek: Voyager” in the middle of its fourth season to become one of the show’s more popular characters.

We offer scans and photos from TV of varying quality for your enjoyment. Week two wasn't quite as good as the two episodes from week 1. He is obviously a very talented individual at everything he does.

There, she meets famed medium Selina Dawes (Zoe Tapper), imprisoned for her client’s murder that she alleges was committed by Peter Quick, an evil, uncontrollable spirit she channelled.Jeri has continued to stay relatively quiet on the acting front more recently, but has always been one of the more desired stars that has traveled from country to country to meet and greet thousands of awaiting “Star Trek” fans at their annual conventions.Welcome to Tarty - Latest News - Massive collection of high quality female celebrity images, videos and babes. I'll try and watch week 3 after uploading this update and may update the site again later in the week with those images. His performance was literally amazing and far better than it should have been for so early in the competition.However she becomes infatuated with Selina Dawes, a medium who was incarcerated after a s'ance went horribly awry.As the story unfolds, Margaret, who is at first skeptical of Selinas gifts, soon discovers a world of secrets and shadows, heightened passions, and the allure of the supernatural.

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